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‘For me, the most important thing is that people don't feel that they have to dress a certain way or be frightened to pick something up and try it at CRICKET.’

Justine Mills, Founder

CRICKET believe in the trend-setters, the creators and pushing fashion boundaries, ensuring luxury fashion is made available to everyone, a welcoming space to show personality through their style. Founded in 1991 by Justine Mills and Gerard Mannix, CRICKET began its journey in Liverpool’s famous Cavern Walks as a menswear store, with a distinctly memorable British name. Slowly expanding to womenswear in 1999, when demand blew all expectations, it has since evolved to curating exclusive and luxury collections.

CRICKET hit the headlines in the early noughties at the precipice of celebrity tabloid fuelled fascination; becoming the epicentre of WAG culture symbolised by the iconic leopard and zebra print carrier bags. At the forefront of high fashion and celebrity trends, CRICKET has been named as one of the best shops outside of London by British Vogue and The Telegraph, and Mills’ innovation acknowledged by the British Fashion Council.

CRICKET MINI ME launched in 2008 catering for the whole family, so CRICKET customers can start their children early on their fashion journey. From newborn upwards, customers can move between categories and transition from MINI ME to mainline seamlessly.

CRICKET has been pivotal in launching brands across the UK, cementing the store’s unique reputation for finding ‘the next big thing’.

An all-inclusive, premium shopping destination with a curation of luxury products, CRICKET is your go-to place for designer fashion. Keep updated on all things CRICKET on socials.
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