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These Terms and Conditions apply whenever you buy goods from us online or over the phone. Please read them carefully before you proceed to make your purchase. By placing an order/and or using our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You should print and keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records. In these Terms: "Website" means Our website at "Goods" means the goods which We will supply to You in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. "Order" means an order which You place with Us detailing the Goods You wish to buy from Us. "We/Us/Our" means Catchbest Limited trading as CRICKET, Edinburgh House, Hollinsbrook Way, Pilsworth, Bury, Lancashire, England, BL9 8RR. Company Registration Number: 02611299 "You/Your" means you, the person using Our Website and/or buying Goods from Us.


The Terms in Section A explain how Our Website must be used. They apply to ALL users of the Website. Section B also applies when You buy Goods using the Website or over the phone. We may amend the Terms from time to time and You are advised to check them regularly for any changes that We make. When You use the Website, We may gather information about You and Your visit to the Website. Information about this can be found in Our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms. The Privacy Policy and these Terms together govern Our relationship with You and form the contract between us ("Contract").

Section A

About this website: This Website is aimed at consumers. The information on this Website is in English, all communications will be in English, and the Website is designed to comply with English law. You may be viewing the Website in a market in which we do not commonly sell Our Goods and We cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with any local advertising or other laws in relation to this Website or its contents. We may restrict access to some parts of the Website to users who have registered with Us. This Website is operated by Us. Our VAT registration number is 787440102

Our rights in the Website:

EThe copyright and other ownership rights (known as "intellectual property rights") in this Website and its contents (including design, text, logos, trade names, graphics, software and any other material) are owned by Us or Our licensors. You must not (nor allow anyone else to) publish, copy, distribute or modify any of the content of this Website (©2022 CRICKET. All Rights Reserved.) Anyone may view this Website and print pages from it for personal use only, for browsing Our products and placing an Order with Us. Any other use is strictly prohibited without Our prior written consent. You must not make any copy of any material from the Website for any business-related use whatsoever. You must not in any way copy, reproduce or use any trademarks, logos or brand names that appear on the Website. Linking to Our Website on other websites is at Our discretion and We may require that You stop providing links to Our Website at any time. We may use any information that You upload to the Website as We decide, and We may also disclose that information to third parties.

Website Content:

We have taken great care in compiling this Website but neither We nor Our directors, employees or other representatives or any other companies within Our group of companies will be responsible for any damages, losses or costs however they arise as a result of Your use of or reliance on the Website. Although We aim to provide information that is accurate and up to date, We do not guarantee to do so. You are responsible for making sure that Your reliance on this Website is suitable for Your own purposes and the information that We provide is not intended to be advice You should rely on. The information contained on this Website is provided on an "AS IS" basis. To the fullest extent which the law allows, we exclude all warranties and representations of any kind with respect to this Website and its contents. We may change, remove or adapt the content of Our Website at any time and without advance notice. We may provide links to other websites. If we do this, those links are provided for Your convenience only and We cannot be responsible for the content or availability of those websites or Your use of them. We do not guarantee that this Website will always be available or be free from error, virus or similar. We are under a legal duty to supply Goods that are in conformity with the Contract, and we aim to ensure that the product images on Our Website are as accurate as possible, but there may be slight colour variations between the Goods and the images shown online.

How you must use this Website:

Submissions or comments by You that are in any way defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful, sexist, racist or may in any way cause offence to any person are strictly prohibited. You must not use any abusive language, be aggressive, swear, threaten, harass or abuse any other person, including but not limited to other users of this Website. All information that You submit should be accurate, truthful and should not be copied. You must always use Your own identity when using the Website and should ensure that all information You provide is accurate and up to date to the best of Your knowledge. You must not use information about any other person, except if You have their permission to do so. You must not corrupt the Website, flood it with information causing it to malfunction or use any features which may affect the Website such as any worms, viruses or similar harmful elements. The use of spam (that is, multiple, unsolicited or undesired bulk e-mails) is also forbidden. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that You suffer as a result of any harmful material infecting Your computer, data or other material due to Your use of Our Website. If You have a password as part of Our security procedures, You must treat that information as confidential and must not disclose it to anyone. We may refuse access to this Website to anyone who does not comply with these Terms.

Terms of sale

Our agreement for the Sale of Goods and the Ordering Process:

1. The Website displays Goods that are advertised for sale and gives information about them. By advertising Goods on the Website, We are inviting You to place an Order with Us. If You place an Order, We are not obliged to accept that Order. The Contract between You and Us will only be formed and completed upon actual dispatch of the Goods to You (Neither submitting an electronic order form, nor completing the checkout process constitutes Our acceptance of Your Order). You may include any number of items within a single Order, subject to any restrictions set out in these Terms or on the Website. Each Order You place will be a separate Contract between Us. We reserve the right to refuse to supply Goods to any person.

2. Any variation of the Contract by You must be expressly agreed between You and Us.

3. The following paragraphs explain the process that You will need to go through to place an Order and how the Contract for the sale of Goods between us will be formed. This section also explains important information about payment and delivery.

  • Step 1 - Choosing Your Goods You can select a product for purchase by clicking on the item that You are interested in, and then clicking on "Add to Basket".
  • Step 2 –Reviewing Your Basket You can review the Goods that You have added to Your basket. You can change the contents of Your basket by amending the quantity of Goods You want to order (which may be subject to a maximum number of Goods, per size from time to time), removing any unwanted Goods by clicking 'Remove' and viewing the basket total value. You can also enter any promotional code that You may have. Entering a valid promotional code and clicking 'Redeem' will update the basket total. You can then continue shopping and adding to Your basket if You wish or if You don't want to buy anything else, go straight to the next step.
  • Step 3 – Going to Checkout Once You have finished shopping, You can proceed to Checkout by clicking on "Checkout Securely" or by hovering over the basket icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and then clicking "Checkout".
  • Step 4 – Customer registration You will then be asked whether You are a guest or an existing customer. To register as a guest customer, You will be asked to provide Your e-mail address. We will then store that information for the purposes of processing Your Order, but it will not be recognised next time You visit the Website. Existing customers will be asked for a password and e-mail address to login, each time an Order is placed.
  • Step 5 – Completing Your Address and Delivery Details If You are a guest Customer, You will be given a list of delivery options. Once You have chosen Your option, You will be asked to enter Your chosen delivery address or a town or postcode to find Your nearest collection point. If You are an existing Customer, You will be shown a list of any delivery addresses You have previously entered. You will have the option of selecting the same address for Your billing address. Alternatively, on the next screen You can enter a different billing address. You must provide us with the correct address details. We will not be liable for any delay or failure of delivery as a result of Your failure to provide accurate address details.
  • Step 6 – Your Order Summary and Payment Information You will then need to choose Your payment method and enter Your payment details. Please check this information very carefully. You will then be given the option to save such details for Your next visit. If You are an existing customer and you have previously saved Your payment details, they will appear here. Your Order summary page will then appear in the right-hand corner. This includes details of the Goods in Your Order. You should check the details carefully at this stage, as this is the final stage in the Order process at which You can correct any mistakes or change the Goods that You want to Order. You can do this by returning to the home page and completing the process set out above again. If You are happy with Your Order, click "Place Order and Pay".
  • Step 7 – Placing Your Order By clicking on "Place Order and Pay", You are confirming that You have read, understood and accepted these Terms. At this point Your Order will be submitted to Us.
  • Step 8 – Order Acknowledgement Once We have received confirmation that Your payment has been authorised, a screen will appear thanking You for Your Order. You will be given an Order reference and an e-mail will be sent to You to acknowledge Your Order. It will confirm the Goods, price and any delivery charge. You may print a copy of the Order acknowledgment and e-mail and keep them for Your records. Please note, Our acceptance of Your Order (regardless of the content of any emails we send you) will only take place on dispatch of Your Orderz

4. When we may refuse your Order

We may refuse Your Order or cancel Your Order if we decide it is reasonable to do so. This may include circumstances where:

  • 4.1. We are unable to obtain authorised payment or the payment process is incomplete; or
  • 4.2. We identify a product or pricing error on the Website; or
  • 4.3. You fail to meet any criteria for eligibility of purchase which We may impose from time to time; or
  • 4.4. We suspect that Your Order is related to fraudulent activity; or
  • 4.5. You fail to submit all necessary and relevant details to allow Us to fulfil the Order; or
  • 4.6. Goods are unavailable or out of stock
  • 5. We may contact You by phone or email to verify details before We are able to process and despatch Your Order, or We may be unable to accept it. For example, We may do this if Your Order is of particularly high value.

    5.1. The Goods shown for sale on Our Website are intended for private, consumer use and You must not resell Goods or offer them as a commercial enterprise. We will not be liable for any losses related to Your use of the Goods in the course of a business such as, lost profits, loss of business or business interruption. We reserve the right to limit the total value of Goods that can be included in an Order. If the total value of Goods in Your bag exceeds the limit that We may choose from time to time, then We will contact You and We reserve the right to cancel any bulk orders.

    Phone Orders

    6. You may also place an Order over the phone by calling Us on 0333 188 2095

    6.2 Our phone lines are open Mon-Sat 10:00am – 5:30pm & Sun 10:00-4:00pm.

    6.3 Calls are charged at no more than the standard rate.

    6.4 If You place an Order, We are not obliged to accept that Order. The Contract between You and Us will only be formed and completed upon despatch of the Goods (placing Your Order over the phone does not constitute Our acceptance of Your Order). You may include any number of Goods within a single Order, subject to any restrictions set out in these Terms or specified over the telephone. Each Order that You place will be a separate Contract between Us. We reserve the right to refuse to supply Goods to any person.

    6.5 You will be asked to provide Your delivery address or the nearest collection point that You wish to collect the Goods from. You will also need to provide Your billing address. You must provide us with the correct address details. We will not be liable for any delay or failure of delivery as a result of Your failure to provide accurate address details.

    6.6 You will then need to choose Your payment method and provide Your payment details. Please be very careful to provide us with accurate information as We will not be liable for any loss or failure of delivery as a result of Your failure to provide the correct payment details.

    6.7 We will ask You to confirm that You wish to place Your Order. By confirming You wish to proceed, You accept these Terms and acknowledge that You will be under an obligation to pay.

    6.8 Once We have received confirmation that Your payment has been authorised, You will be given an Order reference and an e-mail (where You have provided an e-mail address) will be sent to You to acknowledge Your Order. It will confirm the Goods, price and any delivery charge. You should keep this e-mail for Your records. This correspondence does not constitute Our acceptance of the Order.

    6.9 The provisions in paragraph 4 also applies to Orders placed over the telephone.

    Price and Payment:

    7. Prices and delivery charges are as published on the Website when We accept Your Order. Prices include VAT and are in pounds sterling. Delivery charges are shown separately. All applicable delivery charges are as stated on the Website or as specified over the telephone at the time You place Your Order. The delivery charge for the Order is shown on the shopping basket page below Your chosen Goods. The delivery charge may vary depending on the value of Your Order (for example if Your Order is over a certain value, We may offer free delivery).

    7.2 We take all reasonable care to ensure that the price of the items indicated to You is correct, but We may amend prices at any time. If You notice there is a difference between a price at the time the Order is made and the price when We ship Your Order, You should inform our Customer Services and decide whether You wish to proceed with Your Order. If for any reason payment has already been taken, it will be re-credited to Your credit or debit account.

    7.3 Offers and promotions on the Website are subject to availability and We may change or withdraw them at any time and without notice. Nothing shall oblige Us to maintain offers or promotions for any period. Additional terms may apply, details of which will be displayed.

    7.4 We must receive payment for the Goods and any delivery charges in full, cleared payment before they are despatched.

    7.5 We accept payment via most major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. You must only use a card if You are the named cardholder. By placing an Order, You confirm that You are the authorised cardholder. All credit and charge card holders are subject to validation and security checks, as well as authorisation by the card issuer and any additional terms imposed by the issuer. If the issuer does not authorise payment, We will not accept Your Order and We will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

    7.6 Your card provider may charge You for using Your card. Please check the terms and conditions with Your card provider carefully and in advance of submitting Your payment details.

    7.7 If We do not have sufficient stock of Goods, We will notify You by e-mail or phone and Your credit or debit card transaction will be cancelled or refunded. We will do this as soon as possible and by no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of Your Order. We will not be responsible for any compensation if the Goods that You order are not available for any reason.

    7.8 We will validate the names, addresses and other details supplied by You against commercially available records (including Electoral Roll data and credit reference services). We may also use third parties to do this. Information that You provide to Us may be disclosed to a registered credit reference agency, which may keep a record of the information. By ordering from Us You agree to such checks. Please refer also to Our Privacy Policy. These measures are taken to protect You and to ensure Your shopping experience with Us is as secure as possible.

    Returns: If You Change Your Mind

    8.1 You have a legal right to cancel the Contract (subject to certain exceptions set out below) without giving any reason within 14 days of the day after You receive the Goods. This is the “Cancellation Period”

    8.2 You can cancel by sending Us the cancellation form provided or by letting Us know in any other way by post to Hollinsbrook Way, Pilsworth, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 8RR; by e-mail to or over the phone on 0333 188 2095. You should keep evidence of having given notice of cancellation, such as an e-mail receipt.

    8.3 You must return the Goods to Us (at your own risk and cost) within 14 days of notifying Us that You wish to cancel by sending them (by recorded delivery or courier) to:

    CRICKET Returns
    Metquarter, Units 23-47
    L1 6DA or alternatively, if You paid using a debit or credit card, by taking them to back to Our CRICKET store, together with the delivery note as proof of purchase. We will not be responsible for any costs associated with returning the Goods to Us.

    8.4 The Goods must be returned unused and in good condition with the original packaging.

    8.5 If the nature of the Goods means that You cannot return them by post, You will be responsible for the cost of couriering the Goods to Us; if You contact Customer Services, we will try to provide You with an estimate of the courier cost.

    8.6 Within 14 days of receiving the returned Goods or proof of postage of the same, We will ordinarily refund the full purchase price, together with the standard delivery charge paid. If You chose to pay extra for express delivery, We will only refund the cost of standard delivery. Please note though that if You want to return only some Goods but keep the rest of Your Order, You may not be entitled to a refund of the delivery charge.

    8.7. For any purchases made throughout the Christmas returns period and from now returns will be accepted for both online & instore purchases for 28 days after our stores re-open.

    If Things Go Wrong-Faulty Goods

    8.8 We warrant that the Goods that we supply are of satisfactory quality and are fit for the purpose for which Goods of that nature are commonly supplied.

    8.9 If You return Goods to Us for a reason other than if You change Your mind, We will inspect the Goods and either replace them or refund the full purchase price of the Goods if we accept that there is a manufacturing defect or other fault in the Goods. This is subject to you returning the Goods to Us no later than 30 days after Your receipt of the Goods. We understand you might need a little more time over the festive period to return items to us. From 1st November you can return your items to us for a refund or exchange up until 23rd January the following year if they are accompanied by a valid proof of purchase. We are not able to process refunds or exchanges in store between the dates of 26th and 28th December.

    8.10 We will replace the Goods or refund You, provided that the defect or fault is not; caused by usual wear and tear, damage caused deliberately or accidentally, Your negligence or if You fail to follow product instructions or if the Goods have been misused, altered or repaired without Our approval. Any refund will also include any delivery charges that You have paid and Your cost of returning the Goods to Us. If We do not find any fault or defect, then Your cancellation and refund rights are limited to those set out in paragraph 8.1 above, although this does not affect Your statutory rights. Subject to paragraph 9 below, the remedy in this paragraph 8.11 represents Our entire liability to You for any claim in respect of the Goods that the law provides, in so far as We are permitted to limit Our liability to You.

    8.11 If You believe that Goods have a defect then You should not make any further use of them before returning them to Us. Nothing in these Terms shall affect Your statutory rights. These are Your rights granted by law and which cannot be changed by Us.

    8.12 If You wish to return Goods in accordance with paragraph 8.11 You may either:

    8.12.1 return the Goods to Us in an unused, reasonable condition to the returns address in paragraph 8.3; or

    8.12.2 If You have paid using a credit or debit card You can return the Goods in a reasonable condition to the CRICKET store, together with the despatch or delivery note as proof of purchase.

    8.13 We will aim to process Your refund or replace the Goods as soon as possible but will do so within 30 (thirty) days of You returning the Goods to Us. If You have paid using a credit or debit card and You choose to return Goods to one of Our stores, any refund or replacement due may be made at that time, except any delivery charge refunds which will be processed separately. We reserve the right to send any Goods that You claim are faulty to Our inspections team.

    8.14 Whenever You return Goods to Us, either because You believe they are faulty or because You change Your mind, We ask that Goods are returned to Us by recorded delivery or courier so that You have proof of posting. We will not be responsible for Goods that are lost or damaged in the post.

    8.15 Please note that exchanges aren't possible by post, if you would like to exchange your order, then please return to store within 28 (twenty-eight) days of the day after you receive Goods.

    Our Liability:


    9.2 We are not responsible to You for loss or damage of a kind that We could not reasonably have foreseen, which results from You misusing the Goods, or loss and/or damage as a result of wear or tear or otherwise from a Good which is damaged after it was delivered to You.

    9.3 Many of the Goods that We offer for sale are fashion items and may not be suitable for sports or other activities. 


    10.1 We aim to deliver the Goods within the indicative timescales shown on Our Website. References to "working day" shall mean any day of the week, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays. However, time is not of the essence for delivery or performance and all delivery dates specified on our Website and in any correspondence are estimates only. This means that We will not be responsible if Goods are delivered outside those times and We will not be liable for the consequences of any delay. If We are unable to deliver the Goods within the indicated timescale, We shall use reasonable efforts to tell You this by e-mail and give You an amended delivery estimate.

    10.2 If the Goods You have ordered are out of stock then We will let you know by e-mail.

    10.3 If You Order more than one product, We do not guarantee that all Goods will be delivered to You in one delivery, and We reserve the right to deliver in multiple consignments.

    10.4 Ownership of the Goods will only pass to You upon delivery of the Goods. The Goods will be at Your risk from the time of delivery, and You should therefore take reasonable care of them.

    10.5 If the Goods or quantity that You receive are not as You ordered due to Our error, then You should inform Us by phone or email using the contact details set out at paragraph 8.2- as soon as possible after You receive the Goods and become aware of the error. We will make good any error. We will also reimburse to You any delivery costs that You incur in sending the incorrect Goods back to Us. However, we ask You to contact Us in advance to arrange Your return. Any Goods that You receive in error and intend to return should not be used by You.

    10.6 Goods will be delivered to the address that You provide in the Order process; however, delivery practices may vary depending on which carrier is delivering the Goods. You must provide a valid address for delivery. The delivery method that We use may vary depending on the nature and number of the Goods. We shall select what We think is the most appropriate delivery method for the Goods. For further information on deliveries please see Delivery Info.

    10.7 We reserve the right to make alternative arrangements for delivery, which will depend upon the carrier We use to deliver the Goods. This may include leaving the Goods with a neighbour or in a safe place in or around Your property.

    10.8 If the Goods are not delivered on the date expected, You should notify us of such non-delivery within 30 days of such failure of delivery.

    10.9 As a result of various international carrier restrictions, certain products We sell are not eligible for international delivery. This will either be detailed in the item product description, at the checkout stage when You add such items to Your basket or, in limited circumstances, We may have to cancel Your Order and issue You with a full refund.

    Our rights in the Goods:

    11. All intellectual property rights in the Goods including all designs, trademarks, brand names, images and logos are and shall remain Our property, or those of Our licensors. At no time shall any rights, title or interest in the intellectual property rights pass to You.


    12.1 We will not be in any way responsible to you for a failure to sell goods that you wish to buy; for a failure to comply with our obligations under the contract; or for costs or liabilities which you incur as a result of any circumstances beyond our reasonable control – including but not limited to any act of God, flood, fire, trade dispute, lack of third party materials and services, or terrorist acts.

    12.2 The Contract between You and Us is binding. You may not transfer or assign Your rights or obligations to another person without Our express agreement. We may transfer or assign Our rights and obligations under the Contract or appoint third parties to assist Us in performing Our obligations at any time, provided that this will not reduce Our obligations to You.

    12.3 If any clause of this Contract is found in any way to be void by a Court or other competent authority, then all other clause of the Contract will continue to apply.

    12.4 If either We or You do not at any time act on any rights that we have under this Contract, then it will not affect the rights of either of us to enforce any rights at a later stage. If either of us chooses not to rely on a right which we have, it will not affect any other rights that either of us has.

    12.5 The Contract is subject to English law and both We and You agree that any dispute arising under or connected to it will be decided by the English courts.

    12.6 We may amend these Terms at any time and without notice to You. Any change will take effect immediately after being posted on the Website and will be deemed to be accepted by any person who uses the Website. Where You have already placed an Order, the Contract will remain subject to the version of the Terms that were in place at the time when You placed Your Order, subject to any changes expressly agreed between You and Us.

    12.7 Nothing in these Terms seeks to exclude or limit any rights available under applicable law which cannot be excluded or limited. This means that these Terms will not change any rights that the law grants to You, which that law does not allow Us to change or limit.

    12.8 A person who is not party to the Contract shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of it, which means that only We and You have rights under it. This does not affect any right or remedy of any person that exists or is available otherwise than under that Act.

    12.9 The Contract is the entire agreement and understanding between Us in respect of its subject matter, and will supersede and replace any prior agreements, understandings or arrangements whether written or verbal. We each acknowledge that in entering the Contract, neither of us has relied on any representation or promise given by the other or implied from anything said or written other than as specifically set out in the Contract or on the Website. If You are uncertain as to Your rights under the Contract or You want any explanation about them, please write to or email our customer services department at the address set out above.

    12.10 We have a procedure for investigating complaints and for dealing with queries about Our Website. Please see our Customer Charter or contact customer services:

    Catchbest Limited,
    Edinburgh House,
    Hollinsbrook Way,
    Bury, Lancashire, England,
    BL9 8RR

    If We are unable to resolve Your complaint, You may consider submitting a complaint via the Online Dispute Resolution service see This is an independent portal provided by the European Union.

    Pay with Klarna:

    13. Klarna provides short-term, point-of-sale loans for online and in-store purchases, so You can buy now and pay later. There are two options to choose from when using Klarna.

    13.2. One option is Pay in 3. Pay in 3 allows You to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card entered at checkout. Your first instalment will be collected when your order is confirmed and instalments 2 and 3 are scheduled 30 and 60 days later, respectively.

    13.3. Another option is Pay in 30. Klarna gives You the chance to try before You buy. Once your order is confirmed, you'll receive an email with payment instructions within two days from Klarna. You'll then have 30 days to try on your order and only pay when you’re happy. Complete the payment online, at your convenience, with no extra cost. You can pay via credit or debit card in Klarna app or by logging into

    To use Pay later in 30 days you must be at least 18. Whilst this option is widely promoted, Pay later in 30 days is subject to your financial circumstances. When choosing Pay later in 30 days, our assessment will not affect your credit rating.

    13.4. When choosing to pay with Klarna, You will need to provide your mobile phone number, email address, current billing address and a debit or credit card. The mobile number is required in case Klarna need to reach you regarding payment. Klarna will send all other communications to you via your email address. It is important that you provide your correct details at checkout, otherwise you will not receive your payment schedule and any updated order information.

    Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. No card details are transferred to or held by CRICKET. All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry standard security protocols.

    In order to be able to offer you Klarna’s payment options, we will pass to Klarna certain aspects of your personal information, such as contact and order details, for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment options and to tailor the payment options for you. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarna’s privacy policy.

    You can also review our CRICKET privacy policy here.

    13.5. If You wish to cancel or return your order, as soon as CRICKET have accepted your cancellation/return, then Klarna will cancel the statement or refund your payment. The return will be reflected in the Klarna app immediately.

    13.6. If you don’t pay for your order, Klarna will automatically attempt to collect your payment for your Klarna purchase from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. If Klarna are unable to collect your payment on the scheduled due date, Klarna will make one further attempt to automatically collect payment two days later. Should the last payment fail, Klarna will issue you a statement for the full outstanding order amount, which will become payable 15 days later. Klarna will notify you when a payment is due two days in advance of attempting to collect your payment.

    You can find more information about Klarna and pay in 3 or pay in 30 days at

    Online gift Cards:

    14. You can purchase gift cards online via our website The minimum amount that can be loaded onto a gift card is £5 and the maximum amount is £300.

    Your gift card can be used by you or given as a gift. You can check your remaining balance via the above website or in store.

    14.2. Gift cards will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If not used within this time, we will not refund any remaining balance. This 12-month period will renew for a further 12 months after each purchase using the gift card and/or after each time you request a balance check of the gift card.

    We will not be responsible if an incorrect email address is submitted at the time of purchase. If the gift card you purchase is sent to someone else, it will not be replaced, or its value refunded. We will not be responsible if your gift card is lost or stolen.

    14.3. Gift cards are valid in-store and online at The value of your purchase(s) will be deducted from the balance on your gift card; any remaining balance can be used against future purchases.

    14.4. If you purchase goods online (in full) using a gift card, after your item has been returned via post, your refund will be credited to a new gift card and not by any other means, including cash or bank transfers. See our Returns Policy for more information on returns.

    If you purchase goods online in excess of the value of the gift card and pay (in part) using a gift card and pay the extra (in part) using another payment method, then after your item has been returned via post, the amount you paid via the gift card will be credited to a new gift card and not by any other means, including cash or bank transfers. The amount you paid using another payment method will be credited using that same payment method.

    All transactions on the CRICKET Website are subject to various security checks, including Gift Cards. Gift cards are normally delivered within 60 minutes if immediate delivery is selected at checkout, however in certain circumstances this time will vary (please allow up to 12 hours) to allow us to complete all security checks.

    eGift card exclusions

    14.5. Gift cards are not a cheque guarantee or a credit card. Gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. Gift cards cannot be re-sold. CRICKET cannot be held liable for lost or stolen gift cards or be used without permission of the owner. Gift cards are not for re-sale and cannot be exchanged for cash. You cannot use Klarna or Paypal Credit to purchase a gift card. Gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion online at the time of purchase, but student discount may be used when spending using the gift card.

    CRICKET reserves the right to amend, waive or add any further terms and conditions necessary due to legal, security or regulatory reasons. Notice of any changes to those terms and conditions will be displayed in stores and on our website

    CRICKET reserves the right to refuse redemption of a gift card where we reasonably believe that the gift card has been altered, copied, corrupted or otherwise used in any fraudulent way. An order confirmation email and text will be sent to the purchaser following purchase of a gift card. If you find that your gift card is not accepted at checkout, check the gift card number and pin number you’ve entered and try again. If you continue to experience any further issues email or call us on 0333 188 2095

    When placing an order, you agree to receive marketing emails from us. For our privacy policy click here.

    Competition Terms:

    15. By taking part in any promotion by Us, You must accept and agree to the particular terms and conditions of that promotion. If You do not agree with the terms and conditions, then You should not take part in the promotion.

    15.2 Each promotions terms will be communicated to You when entering. Each promotion will differ based on the prize on offer, how to win, who can enter and type of promotion. It is your responsibility to ensure that You review the terms and conditions before entering each promotion.

    15.3 You should be aware of any exclusions from the prize and closing dates of entry.

    15.4 By submitting any films or photographs as part of the promotion, entrants agree that We (and Our affiliates) may use any films or photographs uploaded to market and promote the promotion and for general marketing purposes, both during the promotion and after the promotion has ended. Entrants will retain ownership of their copyright in such submissions.

    15.5 In the event that, after reasonable efforts, We cannot contact promotion winners, We reserve the right to pick another winner and the original winner will be considered to have waived his/her right to the promotion prize.

    15.6 When entering, by ticking the appropriate opt-in boxes, You agree that You will receive regular communication from Us (and Our affiliates). We will use personal information that You provide, or which We obtain through our dealings with You, to sign You up to marketing materials provided by Us to administer the promotion. We may also use Your personal data to tell You about Our products and offers, and for market research including analysis and development of Our products and customer relationships. For full details on how We use Your information, view our Privacy Policy here: You can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions contained in the promotional emails. If You do not wish to receive marketing communication from Us, please do not tick the appropriate opt-in boxes when entering the promotion.

    15.7 By taking part in the promotion, entrants may be invited to participate in publicity at Our request if they are a winner of the promotion. Entrants agree that We (or any third party nominated by Us) may in our sole discretion use their comments relating to the prize and their experience for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide, without notice and without any fee being paid (including for the avoidance of doubt when responding to any third party). Any use of images or other personal information that could identify entrants will be subject to the entrants’ consent.

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