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It’s our community that makes us who we are – meet a handful of the names and faces that have helped shape CRICKET into the retailer it is today.

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Coleen Rooney


From that first image in her school uniform carrying a CRICKET carrier bag to a busy mum of four, Coleen Rooney, focuses her style on feminine, natural and classic elements.

"Being part of the CRICKET community is being part of Liverpool. It is iconic in Liverpool and anything to do with Liverpool makes me proud."

Shirley Lovell

Always ready to show off her latest try-on from the fitting room, Shirley Lovell does not let age stand between her and the latest collections. Travelling from Cheshire to CRICKET has been a frequent ritual – combining good conversation with good luxury fashion!

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Kai Rooney

@ kairooney.10

Despite his age, this young footballer has confidence beyond his years describing his personal style as ‘classy, smart and unique’. Definitely one to watch!

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Mia Carragher


Actress and dancer Mia Carragher has grown up in CRICKET. A fresh-faced fashion force and the undoubted leader of our teen tribe.

“A CRICKET memory that comes to mind is falling in love with a beautiful top in the shop. One of the CRICKET girls saw me eyeing it up and told my mum how much I loved it. I woke up to it on my birthday.”

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